Magnetic MagnetPaint

Magnetic MagnetPaint color is water based color in compliance with all international and EU environmental directives and is certified for use on children’s toys EN 71-3. Magnet Paint contains stainless steel iron, which stick to magnets, such as the refrigerator door.
Magnetic color does not affect the technical equipment!
It can be used at home, in toyrooms, in offices, shops or fairs, educational or medical institutions. Adheres to any surface suitable for painting – wall, wood, hard plastic. It can be repainted with conventional interior paints in any shade.
The combination MagnetPaint as a base, painted with SMART PAINT SkechPaint is at the end magnetic write-erase surface for any child’s room, or in the workplace!
MagnetPaint is simply the best solution! Each wall turns into a magical wall, where they adhere to the magnets.