Creating mutual collaborations

Our goal is creating and encouraging mutual collaborations within the markets of Slovenia and beyond.

Our sales programs

Our represented sales programs are carefully selected and thus very diverse which enables us to create a broad range of companies with common goal, which is meeting the buyer demands and sales promotion.

Expand our distribution channels

We also expand our distribution channels to the other markets outside Slovenia and therefore follow the latest innovations and challenges of global market, which is key element in creating adequate growth and development.

High-quality products

We will try to offer you high-quality products under the optimal conditions and convince you with our speed and reliability! Our long-term goal is creating a stable partnership, continuous self-improvement and development of human values, such as integrity and satisfaction in life.

About Us.

Company Čepin’s core business is representation of companies in Slovenia and beyond. We represent companies that enter the market and find them reliable business partners. We also provide selling services. Collaboration with our yet young company, but experienced team enables manufacturers, importers and distributors to represent their company faster and more efficiently. Our goal is creating and encouraging mutual collaborations within the markets of Slovenia and beyond. We operate daily in the area of simple chemistry (paints, varnishes, adhesives, solvents, detergents, silicone sealants and acrylic caulks, air fresheners, …) and accessories for using these products.

What can we do for you?

  • find you the most suitable business partners and verify their interest in mutual collaboration
  • help you develop the best strategy for entering your target market
  • provide organizational, professional, and linguistic support for business meetings and negotiations

Own product range

We offer several types of cleaning cloths, for use in mechanical garages, printing workshops, chimney maintenance, for precision work, at petrol stations, at home.. Continuous we have on stock cloths made of light-colored and white cotton, dark, colorful, bright and white tights, colorful and white terry cloth and colorful and white flannel. Depending on what application you need. All clothes are cut in larger pieces, washed and wrapped in PE bag of 10kg.

We also stock a Universal BIO biodegradable, highly concentrated cleaner Losoxinat VP1445 in cans of 10kg. It is appropriate for cleaning all kinds of surfaces, dissolve fat, removes nicotine and waxes .. can be diluted with water depending on the purpose of use up to 1:50.

– in the food and hardware manufacturing; cleaning and degreasing, cleaning machinery and engines, cleaning windows, etc.
– at home; cleaning all types of hard flooring, ceramic tile, window glass, clean the tent, trailer and truck tarpaulins , ..

We supply Products FCO buyer within 3 working days.

Cleaning cloths from our sales program are prepared from used clothes and textiles, are of approximately equal sizes, from different base materials of various qualities and absorption. They can be used for cleaning oil and lubricants, paints, different fluids, dust, etc., or for fine-cleaning and polishing, depending on the cloth quality and surfaces. They are suitable for use in print shops, garages, manufacturing plants, service and gas stations and cleaning in the industry, as well as for home or garage job.


Our BIO/ organic cleaners does not contain formaldehyde, phosphate and chlorine, are made without coloring and without the use of persistent compounds. All used raw materials are based on renewable raw materials, for perfumes are used only natural perfume oils and fragrances. Highly concentrated cleaning products lead to lower consuption of basic cleaner!

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